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Below are answers to many frequently asked questions, forms, and pretreatment contacts which include both local and epa. Hydromantis is the home of gpsx tm, renowned as the worlds premier wastewater treatment plant simulation and optimization application. The primary focus of the city of boulder s industrial pretreatment program is to reduce the amount of toxic and hazardous waste that enters boulder s wastewater utility. Linko compliance tracking programs addon modules allow our customers the power and flexibility to add specific features for their individual needs. Permit timelines the time it takes to obtain a permit depends upon the type and amount of wastewater a company discharges to the sewer. Your employee training tracking software is trainingkeeper. Operations and maintenance data management software, featuring antero cmms, operator10 wastewater, operator10 water and synexus pretreatment software, backed by worldclass technical support and services. Pretreatment software package this pretreatment software package is designed to let the pretreatment authority in your municipality keep track of all its users community compliance, inc. National pretreatment program national pollutant discharge. Eliminate boring, redundant tasks with tokay software.

It is a cooperative effort of federal, state, and local environmental regulatory agencies established to protect water quality. Training management software employee training software. Software implementation services linko pretreatment and. The maryland department of the environments pretreatment program is responsible for overseeing all approved pretreatment programs in accordance with epas national pretreatment program. Pretreatment regulations 40 cfr part 403 and the loudoun county codified ordinance chapters 1064 and 1068 of the streets, utilities and public services code for loudoun county. Waste from boulder s industries, commercial businesses and households can create hazards for the communitys wastewater collection system and treatment facility. Program tracking software, from cayen systems about cayen systems is the nations leading provider of online program management software for programs such as after school, tutoringses, gear up, homeless student support, family resource centers and more. Enforce pretreatment program by investigating and requiring correction of instances of noncompliance by participating industries compile sample results and file annual reports wastewater treatment plant operator john reynolds is the villages pretreatment coordinator and is assisted by wastewater treatment plant personnel. Cromerr compliance for the potw pretreatment program. Pretreatment program in accordance with 40 cfr 403. Introduction to the national pretreatment program iii preface.

Backflow prevention management software tokay software. Pretreatment can make wastewater safe to discharge to sanitary sewers. You may also request that a permit application package be mailed to you by calling the industrial pretreatment program at 2082346256, or go to our permit applications tab. This attachment is intended to serve as an update of program status. As a whole, the feasibility study describes the pretreatment informational needs of epa headquarters, regions, and states and recommends a specific automated system be developed to meet those needs. The pretreatment program was established in 1989 to facilitate a wastewater pretreatment agreement between the district of columbia, county of. Epa is the approval authority for the remaining states. Both linkocts and linkofog allow customized solutions for a wide variety of needs. Feasibility study for the pretreatment permits and. The best software for tracking employee training programs properly educated employees are a requirement of numerous osha regulations, and training plays an integral role in regulatory compliance. Subscribe to xc2 fog software discussion group powered by us. The linkoctscompliance tracking software is designed specifically for industrial pretreatment compliance tracking.

By the 1960s scenes of dying fish and burning rivers were repeated regularly on the evening news. Epa plans to provide online forms for certain widely marketed ereporting software designed for pretreatment programs. Make wastewater facility design more efficient, and evaluate every option. Linko data systems introduces enterprise pretreatment and fog. Powder coaters have different software needs from manufacturing and other service organizations. Box 7066 barrio obrero station santurce, puerto rico 00916 summary. Linkocts is stateoftheart, wastewater software that is an ideal fit for any wastewater pretreatment program, large or small. Your water treatment company needs all of the help it can get. The linko surcharge assistant provides two modes of operation. Not only do you have to manage estimates and track what employees are doing, you have to make money while doing it. Read about the city of vancouvers industrial pretreatment program and how it works with you to protect facilities and water resources. The industrialization of the united states brought with it a level of pollution never before seen in the country. Linko also offers easy to use and highly functional fog software. In accordance with epa 40 cfr 403 and the new pretreatment streamlining rule, linkocts is an accurate and organized way for potws to manage activities and evaluate industrial pretreatment compliance.

Epa or approved state pretreatment program approval authority roles and responsibilities epa and approved state pretreatment programs acting as pretreatment program approval authorities provide technical and legal assistance to potws in developing and implementing pretreatment programs. Procuring analytical services guidance for industrial. Linko surcharge assistant is a linkocts module and is designed for industrial pretreatment programs that want to eliminate the use of complex spreadsheets used for tracking extra strength surcharge. The national pretreatment program is a component of the npdes program. Project tracking software typically includes some or all of the following capabilities. Captains pretreatment pretreatment software and more. Find suppliers of business management software specific to powder coating job shops and additive manufacturing companies. Input documents, output reports, file structures, software functions, and proposed data elements. Intelex training management software enables you drive effective employee training tracking and completion, empowering you to schedule and report on training with the click of a button.

The national pretreatment program has a history of protecting natural waterways, the environment and publicly owned treatment works for more than 30 years. Guidance on preparing compliance schedules for developing. Linkocts pretreatment compliance tracking software. Linkocts compliance tracking software is designed specifically for industrial pretreatment compliance tracking. With a focus on supporting north american local governments with their virtual council meetings, board and video management needs, icompass commitment to the ongoing success of our clients is stronger than ever. Companies that lack employee training tracking software such as trainingkeeper to track training and enforce the training plans are much slower to implement improvement projects and cost cutting actions. This includes the ability to trace possession and handling of the sample from the time of collection through analysis. The linkoctscompliancetracking software is designed specifically for industrial pretreatment compliancetracking. Patient management software incorporates solutions for bed availability management, patient tracking throughout the facility, be it a hospital or a smaller healthcare clinic, and patient queue management for various healthcare organizations. Wastewater fats oil and grease fog software watertrax. Because not all pretreatment programs are alike, linko offers various product configurations to meet every clients unique responsibilities. Running a crossconnection control program is easier and more effective with tokay software s backflow prevention management software. A flightsimulator for water and wastewater treatment.

Environmental protection agency and colorado springs industries by implementing the industrial pretreatment program on a local level. Browse our software offerings and see what our clients are saying about them. Our fats oil and grease software saves time and money, eliminates management headaches and ensures you complete all required steps in your fog program. Linkocts is a mature and highly functional database software application. Other groups are available for general discussion about fog programs as well as pretreatment. Similar to how epa authorizes the npdes permit program to state, tribal, and territorial governments to perform permitting, administrative, and. In accordance with epa 40 cfr 403 and the new pretreatment streamlining rule, linkocts is an accurate and organized way for potws to manage.

In 2015, watertrax acquired linko technology, adding industrial pretreatment and fog software to their software suite. Assign, organize and track every aspect of an employee training program with conductor, an affordable, easytouse software package for small. Dashboards provide an overview of current projects and their status, often highlighting impending milestones and tasks nearing their due date. Computer aided pretreatment tracking and information navigation system created by pretreatment professionals for pretreatment professionals. Linko is now offering linkoez a free industrial pretreatment software program. Linkcts wastewater industrial pretreatment compliance tracking software for the wastewater industry. Companies that use software to monitor, track and enforce training gain several competitive benefits. Access, maintain and manage all of your training metrics in a singular location. Either the auditor or ca should updated this form before each audit on the basis of information obtained from the most recent pci andor audit and the last pretreatment program performance report.

Our team of pretreatment professionals, engineers, lab technicians, scientists, operators, and computer programmers work together to deliver a software that works the way you do. Have backflow testers enter results online, you approve tests and they are automatically entered into your backflow database. Find out how you can take the right steps for your business to ensure your discharge is safe. Fog software fats oil and grease managment xc2 software, llc.

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